1. -articles
  2. -prototypes
  3. -building methods
  4. Create a log for robotics
  5. -advertise in forum by answering questions
  6. Test out each device purchased for ardiuino
  7. Include sample code
  8. How to setup the machine
  9. Build the prototype
  10. Set a link to purchase someone device on ebay and ask them to pay you for the advertising link.
  11. Pdf with instructions on how to build something
  12. Engage students in math
  13. Create link in forum which include free code and discuss solution on youtube
  14. Learn and sell parts to people for cheap

Robotics Page:

Keep inproving on the robot arm and keep documenting the transistion of development. Discuss the challenges that we are facing.

  1. Keep improving on the rover devices and the movement and the hardware. Allow others to add a dialog and also anyone who wants to hire me to build something for them , use as a business calling card.
  2. Reach out to professors and see if any of them would allow me into there program to study this subject under their leadership
  3. Create tutorials
  4. Defin a goal for my project
  5. Give the robot a clear objective
  6. Offer free producfts and code for people to replicate my work
  7. Offer free information.
  8. Keep improving on the design. Every year we are builing a more complex arm and rover and pushing the boundaries of the ability.
  9. Website for rover design wordpress.


Start with a clear goal, what we are trying to build and then show where we are in the process and then update with footage of new design and also apply for jobs related to this project as a calling card to show ability.

  1. Offer to work on other robot arms for people for a token price to build up my skills , offer to program robot arms
  2. Post code for robot arm
  3. Take arms to trde shows
  4. Show arms and rover accomplishment,: solve a math problem, a rubics cube, get work done quickly. Solve a warehouse packing problem.
  5. Keep notebooks
  6. Push the robot arm to multiple variations
  7. Arm that do simple tasks
  8. Arm that do complex task
  9. Arms built out of servo and popsicle sticks, create novelty arms that attract attention to website via youtube and forums.
  10. Cut arm partswith Bridgeport
  11. Look for funding and space to work
  12. Find a mentor to learn under
  13. Solve puzzles, build a puzzle using pzzle piece to search out parts
  14. Teach classes to people on how to build robot arms and rover online
  15. Build variations of other people robots arms with fingers and sensor motion, to program using kenotics, and imitation, using solar power maximize and free energy methods;
  16. Study the calculus of movment,
  17. Sketch up designs, using cad and print out parts for people to order
  18. Sketch parts
  19. Laser cut for people to buy parts (package the entire item for a price, with instruction manual included)
  20. Industries that can benefit, list all
  21. The price points that they sell for
  22. Talk to professor about graduation program related to this work
  23. Study industrial engineering and related subjects
  24. Build plastic parts for the robot
  25. Look at sleek designs for robot housing and how to build it
  26. Discuss process of building parts
  27. Create workships and teach locally
  28. Sell small kits you can buy and build ready to go.
  29. Build robot in manican
  30. Meet with a robot making community twice a week to keep the motivation burning inside me and to work on current problem
  31. Understand were I currently am in my process of buiding a robot arm and document well for all to read
  32. Understand were I am in build a rover and document well, set milestones and deadlines and feedback group of people to present the final work on those days.
  33. Build other people robot and study the parts
  34. Complie all my content into a pdf file that someone can download as a book
  35. Submit process to maker fare and instructable
  36. Expland on subtop related to build robot arms and rover
  37. Get the maker and instructable community to give me feedback on my ability
  38. Talk to military/police etc about products.
  39. Meet weekly with people discussing robot.
  40. Read articles and summarize on my website about robot arms (academic ) and business world.
  41. Combine art sculpture and robot arm movement for people and use solar lighting for power supply
  42. Create moment on the internet aroud people who are interested in robot arms and hiring people with such skills and direct them to my website and work on doing a conversation rate of either customers or hiring my talent.


build the rover

on the progress report:

  1. what the whole plan look like.
  2. what the time lines
  3. map out the needed parts and stages
  4. what things can be done in pararlle
  5. product evaluation
  6. who else built something that i can see there progress and time lines. and challenges.

work schedule and annual goal:


  1. build a robot rover that locates golf balls and picks them up using software.
  2. build it in 30 days.
  3. dedicate 35 hours a week. equal to 5 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. each week produce a report showing the progress of the week, what was completed and what were the objective. compile this report
  5. meet regularly with someone familiar with this type of field.